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I Want to Work with You

98327205_f85f3c7af9 Recently someone posted on my fan page – I want to work with you.

I wondered – work with me – like helping me to improve and become better?  Or, did he mean, work for me – like he was interested in a job?

He was interested in a job.

Was it good that he asked just that bluntly on my fan page?  I would be interested to hear what you think in the comments section below.

For me, it was a little bold for my style.  I don’t know that I’m really ready (like any employer with social networking presence online - is really ready) to have a job candidate conversation out there in the open.

I suppose it’s being authentic.  Just because it pushed my comfort zone envelope, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.  It was authentic to him and his style.  And, yes, I would take authenticity over schmooze any day. So, it seemed to be true to his personality style and it was after all, effective, in getting my attention.

Seeing thing more clearly It did remind me of the saying, “how you treat people – is how you treat people.” Regardless the perceived value you have of them – how you treat them is genuinely how you treat people.

For example, my assistant (much like many gate keepers) tells me how people react to her.  She shares information from:  who was kind, who was abrupt, who was just outright rude, who hung up on her, who disregarded her, who was joy-filled, who had that smile that reached across the phone lines or email in-boxes and who was respectful.

The information from her provides great influence of how I connect with a person.  They way they treat her often determines if I connect with this person, at all, or even if I will choose to work with this prospective client.    I’ve been shocked by people in the following examples:  a real estate agent who is “syrupy sweet” to everyone she greets at a meeting is plain rude and disrespectful with every interaction with my assistant and yet, when she reaches me on the phone, is “syrupy sweet”.  Or, the bestselling author and organizational consultant who is just “the nicest guy to everyone” and yet if you’re on his outsource team he treats everyone like trash, uses obscenities and writes long, demeaning emails.  When my assistant attempted to call him, he just hung up on her.  How’s that for the nicest guy ever? Who is the ‘real’ person in them?

The brand that attempts to be something it is not- resounds with such disconnection that people eventually cannot stand the bi-polarized feelings permeating every interaction.

That doesn’t mean we cannot “be” who we need to “be” in any given situation.  In fact, if there’s a “will” then anyone can be anyone they need to be.  Here’s the catch – it takes tremendous energy to be someone you’re not.  So, when you’re tired or hungry – you become who you really are.  So, do I have more respect for people who tame their style or let loose of it?

For me, it’s the people who are willing to harness their style in a way that meets the communication style of the other, respecting the differences, and honoring what it takes to communicate with them effectively.  For me, if I’m in China, I better know the Chinese culture and I best learn the language.  In the United States, if you come from another country, it’s best you learn the culture and the language.  And, for a company, it’s best you know the culture and the language.

Jumping back to the original question – would you hire someone who approached a job ask on a fan page.  After all, how he treated me, writing a question on my page, is how he would treat clients and contacts.  My answer:  it depends on the brand culture of the place that your posting your ask, too.

If their company brand is, no nonsense, cut to the point, let it all hang out, tech savvy and proud to have every conversation out in the public – then yes.  If not, then maybe not.

Now, it’s your turn – what would you do if someone asked for a job on any of your social platforms?

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