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Do Websites Still Work for a Brand?

There was Web 1.0, then Web 2.0 and now we even see Web 3.0 as web interactions transform and become even more interactive. 

So, in all of this – does a website still make sense?

Website Content I’ve been a strong proponent of a blogsite (a blog with the comments turned off so it will act like a website).  And, I’ve supported it because of the growing discomfort between website design and getting pertinent, timely and interactive material out there with ease.  We know that this is so as we see so many promotions for “do it yourself” type sites really messaging that you have control of the site.

So, does your brand still need a website?

I posed the question to the BRANDidos (those who chat in the weekly brandchat conversation on Twitter) and this is what they said:

ambercleveland: Websites do play a role in brands, it is a 24-hr store for your message #brandchat

karimacatherine: Q2 : Website is another touchpoint.they have to be integrated in a larger branding exercise to deliver value to customer #brandchat

techguerilla: @brandchat Q2: Influence varies by specific brand, but yes they play a role. Sometimes a primary one #brandchat

McCreadyM: Q2 websites should play a huge role - important touchpoint for consumer #brandchat

klequoc: Q2: Hell yes!! Websites = key platform to convey what the brand is about = especially as consumers tend to research online #brandchat

michaelnewhouse: Absolutely, all part of Brand Integration mix Q2: Do websites play any role with brands these days? #brandchat

EvolveTom: Q2: Websites are a necessity -- you need a central collection point for your customers/fans. The site has to support SM #brandchat

KevinLyons: Q2 Websites (like direct mail, social media, sign on door, voice on phone, biz card, etc.) are brand conveyor & engagement tools. #brandchat

wileyccoyote: @karimacatherine i don't think that Web sites should have been static before social. brands always have to change face #brandchat

LoisMarketing: Websites do -- or should -- play role in brand. Many times they are customer's first and regular interaction point. #brandchat Q2

GetResults: Q2 - Websites play an important part in any branding - just as does customer experience, ads, etc - all part of the mix #brandchat

RobertJames1: Q2: Your website is the hub of your brand. Develop it properly, build it strategically and make it useful #brandchat

CASUDI: Web sites are a very important anchor for your brand ~ 24/7/365 presence #brandchat

karenswim: Q2: Yes! You still need a hub, social media does not replace that #brandchat

pure_ink: Q2: More than ever. The web can define a brand from interactive, to wayfinding, to informational. #brandchat

JohnAntonios: Q2: i think standalone websites are useless - they are reading a label of some sort - you have to engage (2way communication) #brandchat

MarketingMary: Q2 Does anyone NOT search company websites when researching products/services? #brandchat

abarcelos: Q2. People still go to websites to find out about a brand. It's critical all channels communicate ONE consistent message. #brandchat

At the just of the conversation, you can see that websites are just one of many touch-points for a brand.  They are not the “be all, end all” for a brand.  In fact, nothing in branding is. 

If you discover your brand, yet you don’t craft your communication plan to express and exude your brand – then how valuable is the discovery.

The same applies if you exude your brand but have not taken the moment to discover your true attributes and your unique promise of value – what good is that?

It is a mix.  A good mix.  And, how you use if for your personal or company brand needs to be done consistently with your brand attributes and message.

So, what are your thoughts?  Do you still need a website?

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Elena Duron Maria Elena Duron | chief engagement officer is co-founder of #brandchat, a weekly conversation on Twitter.  Join us weekly as we discuss all aspects of branding.

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