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Calling in the Armed Forces

Memorial Day weekend

We've all heard when someone IS the company.  They embody it.  As entrepreneurs, they started it and everything with and within the company reflects this person's personal brand.

Memorial Day 2010 I was fascinated to find something uniquely military, carried by a personal brand that truly embodies the military brand, come to Main Street America.

Military Brands

And, of course, on this Memorial Day weekend in the United States.  This story came to mind...

Companies, schools and even couples have turned to tried and true military practices in the name of team building, common vision and to solidify relationships.  Military practices have come to help Main Street America focus on increasing team work.  While Memorial Day offers a day when we remember and focus on the contributions of the brave men and women that have served the United States, military practices have begun to serve corporate America proving that “Uncle Sam” really knew what he was doing in creating cohesive teams.  Lean mean fighting machines are now teaching corporate America how to be lean strong teams.

Debra Semer, executive director of Operation Ward 57, uses the HOOAH! Button to motivate her team. The nursing staff working with patients who are wounded warriors likes to come by and press the button when something good has happened. “It might sound a little cheesy but the smile that comes when they press the Hooah! Button is something else”, Semer reflects. Hooah is a military term often used to encourage and motivate the troops.  Cynthia Rhodes, a case manager for an attorney, says “it creates a great team feeling whenever they turn in a case – they hit the HOOAH! Button.”  Nine case managers that put together the legal cases, at this office, use it to encourage and give each other “pats on the back”, according to Rhodes.

Even Boot Camps

Even couples-to-be, are finding that Bridal Boot Camps, help them to be a stronger couple.  Collette Trebon and Scotty Moniz, married on May 15th, attended Bridal Boot Camp.  "We are a team," says Moniz. "There's a lot of give and take. I gotta pick and chose my battles."

Christine Dwyer, founder of CancerGrief, appreciates the smiles and cheers when she strikes her HOOAH! Button during support groups for those who are touched by cancer, “they remember those serving us and they feel uplifted and hopeful”, shares Dwyer, who is also grateful of the reminder that her son is serving in Afghanistan.

Even across the pond in London, England, this past weekend, May 22nd, Royal Marines Officer Rob Suchet put Umi Hotel employees through their paces - all in the name of team-building.

His boy scout troop, according to Andrew Franco, uses the word HOOAH! not just in the field but even with their medieval play.  He said, "it keeps them motivated and focused as a team."

A productive team is made up of people who share a common goal, a common vision and a level of trust and belief that each other will do the job that they are supposed to do.  In this lean economy, businesses are seeking ways to be more productive with the team members they do have.  According to Dan Schawbel, author of ME 2.0 and a columnist for BusinessWeek, “engaging the people on the team is what gets them excited and committed about their work and their customers.”

Can you think of any other items branded as a military practice or military brand that have crossed over from the military to Main Street?  I'm anxious to hear your stories especially during a weekend here in the United States focused on reflection of all things that are military. 

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